Online Learning Tools

Online Learning Tools 

Teacher Website - used to provide basic information about Mrs. Hayes and the BFMCSIT courses.

Edmodo - used as a virtual classroom for instructional videos, assignment details, graded assignments, and to communicate with students and parents. (Note: Parents you will be sent an invitation to join the class)

Google Classroom - used to send information to student emails and post assignment details.

* Google Meet - used to video conference with the class.

* Nearpod - used to as an instructional tool to provide slide presentations, videos, a variety of assessments, and collaboration activities.

* EdPuzzle - used as an instructional tool to provide curriculum related videos with questions embedded into videos.

* ICEV - used as an instructional tool to provide a variety of activities and assessments (such as fill in blanks, crossword puzzles, word searches, matching, essay, and multiple choice questions). 

* Kahoot - used as a game based learning tool to help introduce students to new material or to review material previously taught. 

* Student Only Websites